Intermediary Activation

Member Activation Process for Tech Vendors (as of August 1, 2021)

  1. Tech Vendor Introduction to TAG TrustNet
  2. TAG Membership
  3. TAG TrustNet Node Activation
  4. Ad Delivery Data Activation

Note: This document assumes that Fiducia provides TAG TrustNet Node management service to Tech Vendor. Upon Tech Vendor’s request TAG TrustNet Node for Tech Vendor may be managed by other parties (including Tech Vendor itself).**

(1) Tech Vendor Introduction to TAG TrustNet
Kick-off Meeting with Tech Vendor
Project team & communication channels defined
TAG TrustNet Member Requirements documents shared with Tech Vendor
List of existing TAG TrustNet Members is provided to Tech Vendor
Evaluate existing supply chain contracts with supply chain participants to confirm ability to share data with Advertisers and Publishers using TAG TrustNet and required consent
(2) TAG Membership
Tech Vendor to assign compliance process owner
Engagement with TAG Membership and operations team to ensure that Tech Vendor business entity is TAG Verified, if not already
Tech Vendor to sign TAG Membership Agreement
TAG Verified and TAG-ID issued by TAG to Tech Vendor
Member Status updated in existing TAG and TAG TrustNet directories
TAG-ID shared with Fiducia for TAG TrustNet node activation
(3) TAG TrustNet Node Activation
Tech Vendor to sign TAG TrustNet Service Level and Licensing Agreement
Tech Vendor populates Node Activation Information Form with key information such legal entity name, TAG ID, contact name and phone number, data access credentials
Fiducia sets up TAG TrustNet Node instance for Tech Vendor and activates it within TAG TrustNet
Fiducia provides access to TAG TrustNet Node to Tech Vendor
Fiducia starts monitoring of TAG TrustNet Node performance
(4) Ad Delivery Data Activation
Tech Vendor ensures compliance with TAG TrustNet Member Requirements
Fiducia and Tech Vendor validate and confirm legal basis for data sharing with Advertisers and Publishers and scope of shared data
Tech Vendor provides Fiducia with detailed description of Tech Vendor’s impression log level data format, data fields, existing APIs, data filters, service level and potential data discrepancies
Fiducia and Tech Vendor agrees on the mechanism of Tech Vendor’s data ingestion to Vendor’s TAG TrustNet Node (e.g. pulling data from Vendor’s database, storage or API, uploading data to S3 bucket associated with TAG TrustNet Node), including identification of data ownership, data security, access controls and data filtering
Fiducia and Tech Vendor agrees on the mechanism of Tech Vendor’s data activation for new TAG TrustNet members (with or without automation)
Fiducia provides support of agreed mechanisms in Tech Vendor’s TAG TrustNet Node
Tech Vendor enables provisioning of log level data for TAG TrustNet Members in compliance with TAG TrustNet Data Requirements and agreed mechanisms (may require obtaining relevant consent letters from Advertiser and/or other supply chain participants)
Tech Vendor provides data access credentials required for Node’s data ingestion to Fiducia
Fiducia configures Tech Vendor’s TAG TrustNet Node with provided data access credentials
Fiducia validates data accessibility and compliance with TAG TrustNet Data Requirements
Data ingestion troubleshooting when necessary
Fiducia activates relevant data access policies in the TAG TrustNet Node to enable sharing of Tech Vendor’s data with third party TAG TrustNet Members (Advertisers and Publishers) according to confirmed legal basis
Fiducia starts monitoring of TAG TrustNet Node data feeds & sharing