TAG TrustNet Charter

responsible advertising for a responsible industry

Over the last decade Real-Time Bidding (RTB) created massive efficiency for the digital advertising marketplace in opening large volumes of inventory, driving down prices and creating the opportunity for smaller sites and apps to thrive. Today it has become a large $200B market that continues to grow at an accelerated pace with a supply chain that remains complex, fragmented, partly opaque and could be even more efficient. In a context where decisions are increasingly made by technology, traditional processes do not apply and there is a need to bring a technological solution to what is essentially a technological problem.

As a global cross-industry initiative, TAG TrustNet is taking the industry to the next level as an always-on collaborative network providing the tools to certify the supply chain and allow everyone to be accountable, make responsible decisions and improve efficiency.

TAG TrustNet achieves this by automating the reconciliation of data across the supply chain and recording it in an immutable shared ledger as Shared Truth: a unified record for every single ad running through the supply chain made available in near real-time.

With Shared Truth, TAG TrustNet enables what can be defined as Responsible Advertising based on 3 principles:

  1. Know your business partners: every record can be tracked back to the legal entities that are part of a transaction
  2. Know their business practices: every record gets cross-checked and verified based on financial and qualitative metrics
  3. Make timely informed business decisions: every record gets reconciled and can be acted on in near real-time

As an always-on solution, TAG TrustNet sets a major industry milestone:

  • For the industry as a whole by allowing everyone to act responsibly by conducting business transactions only with identified business partners;
  • For advertisers and agencies by increasing cost efficiency and ad effectiveness, resulting in improved brand safety and ad spend productivity;
  • For intermediaries and publishers by getting the opportunity to access to a larger share of ad spend as identified business partners agreeing to share impression data; and
  • For all members by reducing operating costs over the automation of data reconciliation in a data secure and private context.

Accessing TAG TrustNet is a free and easy process. Members sign a membership agreement, get verified as an existing legal business entity, get identified by a tracking ID and agree to share their impression data with their business partners through TAG TrustNet based on member requirements. In a second step, after signing a licensing agreement, a dedicated network node gets activated over which data can be imported, shared and exported. Access to data remains at all times under the control of the data owner.

TAG TrustNet’s objective is for the entire digital advertising industry to adopt and implement the 3 principles of Responsible Advertising by becoming members and leveraging TAG TrustNet to shape a responsible future for our industry.

The time for TRUST is now!